19 December 2008

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I Declare!

A while back, we went to see an original transcription of the Declaration of Independence that was on display at the Utah State Capitol. The line was long, but it was one of the most worthwhile experiences that I have ever had.

Those who have been to the capitol will have an idea of how big the main floor is, but I'll try to do it justice. The declaration was in the center of an open, circular foyer, which connects the two wings of the main floor. The wings lead to the Office of the Governor, the Gold Room, and several other rooms, giving the patient spectators something to gaze at and talk about while they waited for their turn.

The line was long. It began at the northwest corner of the main floor and wrapped all the way around to the center foyer where the declaration patiently waited.

It took about 2 hours to get to the front of the line, and I to this day do not understand how my beautiful wife kept our two twin babies entertained, fed, clean, and happy nearly the entire time.

Once we got into the circular foyer, Remi's eyes rolled upwards to the 100-foot-high hemispherical ceiling with beautiful hand-painted murals of the Mormon Pioneers, California Gulls, and more.

Once the people just ahead of us got their turn, I began to tense up. How can I make this moment special for my boys? How could I possibly begin to impress upon them the value of this document and what it represented? What if they touch the glass with their oily hands?

Then, our turn arrived. We handed our camera to someone and took pictures.

I picked up each boy and showed them the Declaration of Independence. I started to read it to Remi:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator..."

I couldn't continue. I choked up, and just held him there for a moment while I said something stupid like "Isn't that wonderful, Remi?"

I wanted to stay there for a long time and picture each signer putting the quill to the paper. I wanted to feel the emotion that might have flowed through their breasts that testified of the enormity of what they were starting. I wanted Remi to feel that, too.

After remembering that everyone behind me had also been waiting for 2 hours, I put Remi down, picked Zac up, made a less emotionally-charged endeavor with him, and we gave our leave.

My heart was on fire for the next several hours with gratitude for these fine men and their courage to do what was right. It is a debt that I don't believe I will ever be able to repay.
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Remi: Definitely a Boy

At last, the evidence is incontrovertible: Remi is definitely a boy. New evidence has just come forward that will set any further skepticism aside regarding the initial findings four years ago when Remi was born. The situation was as follows:

My family and I were reading the story of Nephi and the ship that he built to cross the Pacific Ocean with his family into the Promised Land. After explaining that Nephi built both the tools and the boat and after explaining his reasons for doing so, I asked him, "So, Remi, why did Nephi build the boat?" Without hesitation, Remi said, "For the tools!"

Of course, what other reason is there for any male to self-start a large-scale at-home project? It's the cool tools that you get out of it! The means justify the ends, my friend.

I wonder if that is why the Lord had Nephi make the tools...

21 September 2008

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JoshPass Carbon Credits

The other day, Kristi brought home this most interesting shirt. It would have made the professor from Gilligan's Island proud.

It was a shirt made entirely from bamboo (but not coconuts) . The fabric, the buttons, and the tag were all bamboo.

It was a little stretchy and it was really comfy. However, the real attractant was that it was made from a renewable resource, and so now I feel like I'm saving the world every time that I wear it.

Right about that moment, an idea struck me that I am now going to fulfill. See, because we bought this bamboo shirt, we definitely lowered our carbon footprint. I thought, Why not share the love?!! So, below, you can purchase carbon credits from me in increments of $1, which dollar will allow you to either pollute just a little more, allow you to change nothing about your economic practices and simply feel like your footprint is smaller, or allow you to gift your credit to someone that might have a high carbon footprint this holiday season.

1 Bamboo Shirt Carbon Credit

There is no obligation with this carbon credit--you can use it to negatively affect climate change (only to the amount that you purchased, though), use it to affect no change in your ecological behavior, or pass it on to someone else, allowing them to negatively affect climate change (only to the amount that they purchased, silly), affect no change in their ecological behavior, or pass it on to yet someone else, allowing that new person to negatively affect climate change (what I said earlier), affect no change in their ecological behavior, or pass it on to still someone else...you get the idea.

Sorry, there is no nifty certificate other than the receipt that PayPal will give you; however, Wal-Mart will have a picture frame that will augment the PayPal receipt, bringing out its better qualities. If this doesn't strike your fancy, you have my permission to design a really nifty certificate representing the number of credits that you bought and frame that instead.

Wow, I feel better already.

27 July 2008

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Unlikely Juxtaposition

There are two words in the English language that I would probably vote as the least unattractive words to string together. They are 'wound' and 'vacuum'. Even having them in the same sentence seems to give goosebumps of implied pain or gruesome circumstance.

And, yet, this is what the doctors have come up with, and they call it a Wound Vacuum. And I would be happier to find out that this Vacuum is an attempt to recreate Galileo's gravity experiment with wounds, showing that they fall from buildings at the same rate; however, this was not the case. Instead, the doctor explained, Kristi's C-section incision wasn't healing quite properly, and they wanted to place a vacuum on it to suck it shut.

Warning: Some blood and gore coming up...

See, most wounds heal from the inside out and close off naturally; however, in Kristi's case, some of the wound was healing faster on top, causing potential air pockets at the skin on top and the skin beneath met up. The air that was trapped inside would cause a very painful infection, yada yada yada, and so the problem needed to be addressed.

Enter the vacuum.

In order to actually place the vacuum on the body, the incision needed to be reopened. It was only about 3 inches wide, but it was nearly a half an inch deep, and it went down in tunnels on either side for about another half inch. And, actually, since it was Friday, they wouldn't have the vacuum until Monday.

Enter the husband.

So, the doctor explained that, since the wound was now open, I, the husband, would need to put fresh gauze into the, roughly 4 inches by 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch cavern under my wife's abdomen with nothing more than sterile water and a q-tip.

This went on until Monday, when they showed us how to use the wound vacuum, and they placed it on her. (One day, I will go into the detail there, but it takes a long time to explain).
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Felicity, Serend, and the Duality of Life

So, Felicity and Serend were born way back on June 17, 2008, and we've hardly had a moment to ourselves, what with two boys running around the house, Kristi's "wound" complications (described in the next post...), church callings, and work to boot!

However, Kristi, Cathy (Kristi's mom), and a few other family members went up to Idaho and took the kids with them, so I actually have a weekend to catch you up on all the goings on.

Felicity Mae and Serend Rachelle Cummings were born June 17, 2008 at 7:29 and 7:30 PM respectively by cesarean. Kristi never actually entered full labor. Instead, Serend, who was the baby that would have come out first, pushed her foot through Kristi's cervix and broke her water. It was kind of funny, if not a little disappointing that they didn't stay in there for a couple of more weeks so that they could cook.

They were 5 lbs. 6 oz, 17.5 inches and 5 lbs. 8 oz., 18.5 inches, respectively, both with red hair. While they were a good size, they had problems with their lungs, and so they were put into the Special Care Unit (which is a nice way of saying NICU, level 2, which is less emergent than the regular NICU, but they don't want parents to make a scene, so they just call it something benign). Over the course of four days, they were on oxygen, phototherapy, mineral supplements, warming lights feeding tubes, and the whole bit. I was astonished with the amount of assistance that they needed, even if only for a few days. After that, they were taken off the oxygen, the phototherapy, and the warming lights, and, after another 6 days, they took the rest of the stuff off them, too.

However, before they actually got home, there was this strict regiment of feeding that the children had to adhere to in order for the doctors to sign off on them. They had to be breast feed about 4 times a day for the last couple of days there, and my trust for the doctor's analysis did not make the 20 minute drives to and from the hospital any easier. It was perhaps the most annoying thing that we have ever had to go through. Except taxes.

On the 11th day in the SCU, they were released. We took them home on June 29th at about 10 AM, and they have been healthy ever since.

I can't tell you how paranoid I am, though. Don't be alarmed--I don't require people to wear gloves when holding the babies. They are so tiny, though, and I'm always worried that I'm going to snap them in half or give them a disease that will send them back to the hospital or who knows what. Thus far, though, they have shown no broken bones and no head trauma, so I am gaining confidence every day. At the end of the day, I tell Serend, "See, your day wasn't all bad; at least you can be happy that no one dropped you." She didn't laugh at it, either.

Felicity's name has a very special meaning that relates to the duality of life. There is a scripture that says that it is better that we pass through sorrow that we may know the good from the evil. Felicity means 'happiness', and Mae means 'bitter'. We chose that name because want Felicity to know that through both we are made a whole person, more so than we could be with only one of them.

Serend's name also has a very special meaning that relates to the duality of life. Seren is Welsh means 'Star' and Rachelle in French means 'little rock'. Again, it is a message about duality, finding happiness in both the big and the small because they all testify of Christ.

Additionally, Serend is short for Serendipity, which roughly means 'unexpected happiness', which we liked because Serend was, indeed the unexpected part of the whole package. Since she literally had her foot sticking out of Kristi's body when they started the C-section, we also made sure to spell her name in such a way that, when you rearrange the letters, they make the following anagram:

c, she's m' l'il m'rengue dancer
(See, she's my little merengue dancer)

All my children have a scripture that we put on a picture frame for them, and the girls will get one together and one for each of them. The one for them both is Ecclesiates 3:4-5:

4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; A time to mourn, and a time to dance.
5 A time to throw stones, and a time to gather stones; A time to embrace, and a time to shun embracing.

We haven't decided on the scriptures for each of them, but I believe that Seren will get Matthew 13:45-46 or Job 38:7 or D&C 101:3. They all talk about valuable stones or stars. For Lici, I like Alma 36:21, but it would be hard to take it out of context. Not sure, yet.

20 July 2008

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Four-kids on the Fourth

Well, we had our babies (I will post pictures soon). I do have one picture to post right now, but I am out of time for writing tonight, so I will comment later. Clock-wise from the upper-right: Remington, Felicity, Serend, Issac.
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Inverse Laws

So, the other day, I discovered some inverse laws regarding our family that I hope will be helpful to future generations:

- The Law of Cleanliness Being Next to In-Law-ness: The mutual awareness of the uncleanliness of the house increases as the distance between the house and an in-law decreases. For about the last six weeks, Kristi's mom has been very kind to come and help take care of the kids while I was at work and Kristi was either on bed rest or taking care of two new ones. What I observed was a positive correlation between the rate at which we tried to straighten up the house and Cathy's (Kristi's mom) temporal distance from the house (ETA):

ETA (min.)Cleaning Rate (hs/sq.ft/s)*

* Cleaning Rate: hs = hand swipes

With a little bit of work, we can establish the mathematical relationship as follows, where x is Cathy's ETA:

y = 10^(3-(x-5)/10)

As you can see, the relationship is exponential and leaves us cleaning at a rate of over 3000 hs per sq. ft. each second as her car is pulling up into the driveway.

Before really delving into any analysis on this relation, I should explain how I got my units of measure for "Cleaning Rate". hs, meaning "hand swipes" seemed to encapsulate both the cleaning that we as parents did, the simultaneous messing-up that the kids did, and the general mayhem that was just everyone running around the house swiping their hands over everything in the final seconds of the ordeal. Thus, a higher Cleaning Rate should not be equated with a clean house or even a house that is becoming cleaner, but, instead a house where the attempts of the parents to clean the house, the childrens' attempts to make it messy again, and general attempts at swiping over general square footage in an attempt to grasp at progress become more fervent.

Note: This is a good point to note another Cleaning Law: The rate at which the kids mess up the house is always directly proportional to the rate at which the parents clean it.

This graph explains well the several interesting phenomena observable at our home seconds before in-laws arrive. For example, with four people (Kristi, Remi, Zac, and I) engaged in "cleaning", let us divide the Cleaning Rate evenly among them. Taking into account that our house is 2060 square feet, we will designate 515 square feet per person to make this distinction. if we are to consider a hand swipe to be about 3 in, a pretty conservative estimate, one's hands break the speed of sound at about 8.6 hsfs (hand swipes per square feet per second), or, roughly, the 26 minute mark. With about 15 seconds to go, the average hand speed in the house is 348 times the speed of sound, which, as much as we would like to hide it, leads to quite the cacophony of aftershocks once an in-law arrives. More interestingly, Remi and Zac have usually been bound to chairs with duct tape somewhere around the 2-minutes-remaining mark, which means, in order to sustain the Cleaning Rate that the data suggest, Kristi is cleaning at roughly 1392 times the speed of sound; fast enough to get her to the moon (which she often arrives at when you add in a dinner that we are preparing for the in-laws as well) in about 13.5 minutes.

Needless to say, our house is often still messy by the time the doorbell rings. Fortunately, the in-laws don't really care...do they?

16 March 2008

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Card-Carrying Nephites

I hope that you all had a propserous Pi Day last Friday. We ate pizza from The Pie for the fourth Pi Day in a row (I think that qualifies as a tradition), and had a pi recitation contest. Several nerd jokes were exchanged and we had a moment of awe-struck silence as we sat pondering how hopelessly nerdy we were.

I could probably call myself a "card-carrying" pi geek, as opposed to your run-of-the-mill pi geek, as when random people say in my general direction, "Hey, Pi man!" I turn my head as naturally as if they had called me by name. Over the years, a childhood fetish has gradually turned into a portion of my identity to the point that, over the years, I have acquired a pi tie, a pi plate, and a pi business. Now, see if you can beat that!

Anyway, I'm sure that each of us is passionate about something to the extent that it is part of our identity, or, in other words, that we could say we are "card-carrying" members. I thought about all of this over the weekend as I read 2 Nephi 31-33 where we hear a lot about Nephi's inner feelings and interpretations of the gospel and the formula for a relationship with Christ. Could Nephi be said to be a "card-carrier" of anything? Other than Gold's Gym, of course... ("young, yet large in stature") What about Laman and Lemuel? (Card-carrying members of the Hearing Impaired, members of the Union of Iron Sinew Manufacturers, ...)

Silliness aside, several people would probably comment on his faith, his love for his people, and so on. He was a "card-carrying" prophet by all means.

In 2 Nephi 31-33, Nephi spends nearly the entire time talking about what it means to be a card-carrying Disciple of Christ. Nephi, without drawing negative comparisons, shows what testimony-having disciples can do to take their relationship to the next level, and he does it by introducing us to four brothers in the gospel who are "card-carrying Nephites": Bro. Real, Bro. Steadfast, Bro. Hungry, and Bro. Consecrated.

Bro. Real

You've met Brother Real before. He is the brother who is not afraid to admit that he is imperfect, neither to his contemporaries nor to the Lord. He is the brother who sees no profit in presenting a facade of himself to others, including the Lord, in order to create an illusion of self-worth, discipleship, and righteousness. This is the brother who, when you listen to him speak, you relate to him immediately because he has no inclination to exaggerate the truth in the name of testimony-building, but simply, in pure testimony, talks about what he believes and why he believes it. I'm sure that you could add several of your own run-ins with Brother Real in the scriptures.

Indeed, we see him mentioned by Nephi in 2 Nephi 31:12-14, where Nephi describes him as a man who comes to the Lord with real intent, without hypocrisy, and is committed to the end to what he has testified. Nephi is clear that the Lord is seeking for people like Brother Real to be members of His Church and to establish Zion. He is not asking for these things to please Himself, nor is the Lord interested in disciples who only draw unto Him with their lips. The Lord is interested in the hearts of the people.

Bro. Steadfast

The next brother that we are introduced to is Brother Steadfast. You've met him before. He is the brother that people can rely on when the entire world seems to be in commotion; he is the steady house built upon the rock. He appears several times throughout the scriptures, including D&C 122:9, 1 Corinthians 15:58, and Acts 7:55.

D&C 122:9

This scripture comes at the tail end of the Savior teaching Joseph Smith about trials; how bad they can get, why we have them, and that the Lord bore them all. In verse 9, Joseph Smith is told to "hold on thy way, for the priesthood shall remain with thee", that the bounds of his detractors were set and that they would not be able to pass them.

At this moment, I'm reminded of the scene from LOTR: Fellowship where they are in the Mines of Moria, crossing the cracking bridge as the belroc seeks to overtake them. Once all but Gandalf are across the bridge, Gandalf turns around, shouts some words and finally says "you shall not pass!" He strikes his staff into the ground and the bridge breaks under the weight of the belroc, and the belroc falls into the depths. Indeed, Gandalf held to his word and the bounds of the belroc were set such that the rest of the fellowship was protected. (Imagine spiritual wisdom coming from LOTR...)

This verse teaches us twice about Brother Steadfast. Once by the Lord's actions, setting the bounds of Joseph Smith's detractors and remaining immovable at the gate of persecution. Second by Joseph Smith's actions, which were to "hold on" regardless of what happens, knowing by the Lord's promise that nothing would befall him that he could not withstand if he remained built upon the Lord's rock.

1 Cor 15:58

Brother Steadfast makes a brief appearance here when Paul teaches us that one who is steadfast is immovable. Even the Earth moves, and Archimedes said, "find me a lever big enough, and I can move the Earth", yet we are commanded to be immovable under inspiration of the Holy Ghost.

Acts 7:55

We finally see Brother Steadfast here in the midst of the stoning of Stephen, where, though he was being stoned (their bounds are set), continuously looked up to Heaven to see his Lord and Savior. He was also steadfast in his love of the people by petitioning the Lord to forgive them for what they were doing.

Daniel 3:17-18

One more that I just thought of, and that is in the midst of Shadrack, Meeshak, and Abednego. Were they not steadfast in saying "But if not"? Regardless of our own lives and our own prosperity, we know what the Lord has commanded and we will not back down from it.

Bro. Hungry

I am out of time. I'll have to write the rest later on....

15 February 2008

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Cummings Look-alike Meter

14 February 2008

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Cummings Look-alike Meter

13 February 2008

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There's no 'I' in criticize

A few months ago, we had some Christmas money to spend, and so we took it to Deseret Book. This is probably the most sure-fire way that it will all be spent in one place. :)

Kristi and I devour books, and, over the last year or so, I have developed a taste for audio books. So, I made a bee line to the audio book section, and was given by the wife 15 minutes to make my selections (this is a standard that we picked together, lest I spend 15 hours comparing the values of various audio books before I finally give up and decide to buy all of them instead).

My eyes fell on an audio book by John Lund, and old Institute instructor of mine. It was entitled "How to Give and Receive Criticism". My mind was drawn to it, and I felt inspired to purchase it. So, I did.

I listened to the first three chapters right away, and I marveled as John described my personality exactly; contrary, sarcastic, know-it-all, indignant, and arrogant. Tears filled my eyes as people to whom I had more fiercely exhibited those traits came to my mind. I never realized the unnecessary pain that I caused before, and, in the end, the resulting exodus that people made from me because of it.

I must say that I don't believe that I have ever felt more humbled than while I've been listening to that book. Additionally, I've rarely felt so motivated to try and fix these personality flaws. I want to be someone that people look to for help and advice, someone that people confide in, and someone that people lean on. I feel like I have something that can be of help to others, and that is an awesome feeling.

26 January 2008

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Why Some Truths Are Best Left Unspoken

I have a co-worker, Randy, who has a funny quirk in his personality that causes him to faint at the sight of someone bleeding, particularly himself. He has countless stories of a simple cut causing him to faint and hit his head or some other body part on something hard, turning a routine band-aid moment into major drama. For some reason, unbeknownst to us all, he has now emotionally tied bleeding to fainting, and a faint at the sight of bleeding is nearly unavoidable.

We've all done something like this in our lives, though perhaps not to the same extent. Some of us have eaten a particular food, gotten sick shortly thereafter, and now, even though we logically understand that it might not have been the food, any presence of that food later on will cause us to quease up. Others have had a bad experience at a certain store, restaurant, person's house, etc. that was completely unrelated to those locations, but now, they can't go there anymore lest those same bad feelings and memories be conjured up. And anyone who has just left a bad relationship knows the anxious feeling of seeing the next girl tie her shoes in the same way that the last girlfriend did and genuinely perceiving that this girl will be just like the last one.

About 4 months ago, there was a man shot outside a Village Inn near where my parents live. Two weeks later was General Conference, and I went to one of the sessions with my dad. We have a tradition of going out to eat afterwards, and we decided to go to Village Inn. It wasn't until we arrived there that I realized that it was the same Village Inn where the shooting occurred. While my logical side said that the shooting had nothing to do with the fact that the man went to the Village Inn and that the likelihood of the same thing happening to me was next to nothing, I felt the anxiety in my mind that going to this Village Inn was distantly dangerous. We went anyway, and the experience was wonderful, but I clearly remember that first instinct.

The fact is that our perception of events and our conception of ideas are colored by other events and ideas in our lives depending on their proximity and power. Indeed, the intrinsic value of any idea is augmented or diminished by its most proximate, potent idea.

- Predestination
- The Lord's Chess Match
- Ways of communicating revelation
- Bro. Black's comment
- Kristi's comment about the Atonement

20 January 2008

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Multiply and Replenish

Well, ever since Zac, we felt like we successfully replenished the Earth, but we wanted to multiply as well. By two, apparently...

This is the ultrasound from Kristi's visit to the Ob-Gyn on Friday. The fact that we were pregnant came as no surprise--we've known for about three months. But, twins! (For those who don't see it, yet, the two circles are two separate heads, there is a film down the center indicating two separate sacs, and there are two placenta, one in the upper-right and one on the lower-left.

We are not going to find out their genders, as usual, and so, we are trying to come up with good name pairs, given the combination that comes out. If it is two girls, we are hoping to use a name that we have already picked out: Felicity (we will call her Lici). For the second girl, while it is long, we thought that a cute combination name would be Serendipity. I know. It's a 5-syllable name. We'd call her Wren, so it wouldn't be so bad. I like it because Felicity means 'happiness', and Serendipity means 'unexpected happiness', which is exactly what the second girl would be. (On the other hand, we could do Serenity, but it's not as cool of a meaning...)

If it is two boys, I am really big on several scriptural combos, including, but certainly not limited to:
  • Jared and Mahonri (Book of Ether)
  • David and Jonathan (1 Samuel)
  • Joseph and Hyrum
Along with non-scriptural duets:
  • Joseph and Conrad (an old nickname of mine)
  • George and Ira (I know that this one will never fly, but...)
If it's a boy and a girl, though... I'm not sure. See, we will still use Felicity for the girl, and so we need to come up with something that works for the boy that compliments the girl name. (Note: For those asking, "Why do they need to compliment each other?!", well, you should know me by now... :) )

So, I just did a search on http://www.babynamesworld and found that "Asher" means "fortunate" or "blessed". Maybe Felicity and Asher for the boy-girl combo. Or maybe we could go the alliteration route and do Felicity and Finlay (fair warrior). Finlay is a name that I have liked for a long time.

Well, we fortunately have until about July to decide. The 40-week date is July 21st, but the doctor said that they take twins at no later than 38 weeks, which would be July 7th. Maybe we ought to think of patriotic names then... :)

18 January 2008

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Human Shield

Before I forget...


10 January 2008

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Put Me On Intermittent

A couple of weeks ago, Kristi and I were in Idaho celebrating Christmas with the Call family (Kristi's maternal grandparents and down). One morning, a few of us decided to go play basketball at the YMCA. But, before getting our game on, there was another opponent that the driver, Craig, had to battle: The snow.

See, Craig is from Arizona, and so his dad, Bruce, decided that Craig should get some practice on snowy Idaho roads since he will likely never get such practice in Arizona (of course, in Arizona, he gets practice on melty roads). A quick talk about black ice, drift, etc. was enough to make Craig really nervous, but he was a pretty good sport.

Our conversation about driving in the snow, including the important note that the traction that the road will provide will be intermittent, led us to wonder what would be the worst kind of 'intermittence' that one could experience while on the road.

Unanimously, it was gravity. Imagine a storm that could cause the natural gravitational pull of the road to ebb and flow. What would happen if we hit a bump in the road just when the Earth's gravitational pull was compromised? What if it didn't come back for several seconds and then quickly resumed its regularly scheduled behavior? That, indeed would be scary.

However, if you were just on foot, it would sure be fun to splash in those puddles...

After only a few minor mistakes of our young driver, we made it safely to the YMCA where we played basketball for a couple of hours. After those couple of hours passed, we played for a couple more hours. After those couple of hours passed, we played raquetball. Dude. We were at the YMCA for 4-1/2 hours! Suddenly, it wasn't the intermittent traction on the road that bothered me, but instead my intermittent muscle spasms that made me wish I had stuck with a more intermittent level of participation in the days events.

I wonder what would really be particularly bad if it were intermittent. For example, air being intermittent would be particularly bad. Water, food, and sleep aren't as bad as air. Indeed, many people practice a certain level of intermittence with these three (to their detriment, I supposed) due to mountains of homework, mountains of sick kids, or mountains of video gaming to catch up on after the homework and sick kids become a little more intermittent themselves.

Hands would be bad. I'd hate to have the use of my hands wax and wane. Or disappear and reappear. Any vital part of our body would probably be bad. Someone, I don't think that an intermittent belly button would be too bad. I could even go with intermittent hair, if I had to choose. *knock on wood*

Our 3-dimensions would be bad to have intermittent. Maybe we wouldn't even notice if our world changed intermittently from 2- to 3- dimensions, so long as our bodies followed suit. But what if the temporal dimension moved intermittently into a spatial dimension? Now, those, would be some interesting puddles!

Solid vs. liquid intermittence would be bad for most material, including carpet. I can't imagine having the horrible luck of having one's carpet intermittently change from a solid to a liquid. I'd be sure to get stuck or have one of my kids stuck or a guest--who every time he comes over we seem to have the bad luck of having our carpet liquify under his feet--stuck.

I'm just happy for the law of interia, which seems to keep things going the way they are.

Then again, maybe the law of interia might turn out to be intermittent...