13 February 2008

There's no 'I' in criticize

A few months ago, we had some Christmas money to spend, and so we took it to Deseret Book. This is probably the most sure-fire way that it will all be spent in one place. :)

Kristi and I devour books, and, over the last year or so, I have developed a taste for audio books. So, I made a bee line to the audio book section, and was given by the wife 15 minutes to make my selections (this is a standard that we picked together, lest I spend 15 hours comparing the values of various audio books before I finally give up and decide to buy all of them instead).

My eyes fell on an audio book by John Lund, and old Institute instructor of mine. It was entitled "How to Give and Receive Criticism". My mind was drawn to it, and I felt inspired to purchase it. So, I did.

I listened to the first three chapters right away, and I marveled as John described my personality exactly; contrary, sarcastic, know-it-all, indignant, and arrogant. Tears filled my eyes as people to whom I had more fiercely exhibited those traits came to my mind. I never realized the unnecessary pain that I caused before, and, in the end, the resulting exodus that people made from me because of it.

I must say that I don't believe that I have ever felt more humbled than while I've been listening to that book. Additionally, I've rarely felt so motivated to try and fix these personality flaws. I want to be someone that people look to for help and advice, someone that people confide in, and someone that people lean on. I feel like I have something that can be of help to others, and that is an awesome feeling.