19 December 2008

Remi: Definitely a Boy

At last, the evidence is incontrovertible: Remi is definitely a boy. New evidence has just come forward that will set any further skepticism aside regarding the initial findings four years ago when Remi was born. The situation was as follows:

My family and I were reading the story of Nephi and the ship that he built to cross the Pacific Ocean with his family into the Promised Land. After explaining that Nephi built both the tools and the boat and after explaining his reasons for doing so, I asked him, "So, Remi, why did Nephi build the boat?" Without hesitation, Remi said, "For the tools!"

Of course, what other reason is there for any male to self-start a large-scale at-home project? It's the cool tools that you get out of it! The means justify the ends, my friend.

I wonder if that is why the Lord had Nephi make the tools...