02 July 2009

Cummings Studio Chocolates

This is a chocolates website that was a lot of fun to develop because I got some free chocolate out of it! It is based off of ZenCart, which is based off of osCommerce. On this site, I did all of the graphic design, most of the content definition, and all of the custom programming.

ZenCart is a PHP shopping cart application that is a huge step forward from the base osCommerce. While I have a new open source shopping cart application favorite (KonaKart), this was my favorite for a long time.

We customized the shipping options for local delivery as well as regularly shipped as well as some custom programming for a Design-Your-Own-Box section that they were very excited about.

Note: The site is currently in disrepair due to a versioning issue. You can still view quite a bit of it; however, you won't be able to get all the way through the site. I am working to fix it.