13 November 2010

Jazz Schedule: You're not excited yet? You should be.

By nearly every account, I'm 100% nerd. Somehow, though, my father fostered in me a love for professional basketball. Looking at the rest of my priorities, I totally don't get it, but basketball is definitely one of them.

So, how 'bout those Jazz? The comeback wins are very cool, but here is what I am overwhelmingly more excited about: Road wins. In the words of Ron Boone (no, I don't have the reference), "Championship teams win on the road."

And, as you know, the Jazz have been poor on the road during the "rebuilding" years. Last year's road record, 21-20, was their best road record since 2000-2001 when they acheived 24-17. To give a rough idea of this, hear are the last 9 years on the road with the Jazz:

2009-2010, 21-20
2008-2009, 15-26
2007-2008, 17-24
2006-2007, 20-21
2005-2006, 19-22 (Deron's rookie season)
2004-2005, 8-33
2003-2004, 14-27
2002-2003, 18-23 (Stockton and Malone's last season)
2001-2002, 19-22

So, you can see, then, why I am excited that the Jazz are 6-3 to start off the season. That is the record they have after having twice as many road games and home in the first nine games. (The exercise is left to the reader to find out how many road games that means they have played.)

To put a finer point on it, the Jazz have played more on the road this season than any other team save the Charlotte Bobcats, who are 3-6 at the time of this writing.

Because the Jazz have, thus far, kept their poise during this tough start, it puts them in an excellent position over the next month. After this last road game tonight vs. the Bobcats, they will be home for 13 of the next 17 games, including a six game home-stand.

If the Jazz can keep their head on straight (not as hard when you have 19,911 fans in the stadium reminding you every moment of that), then there is no reason that they couldn't be 20-7 entering into their next big Eastern road trip.

We'll see...

Update (3 December 2010): Still not excited? The Jazz have 5 of the next 6 games at home. The Jazz are, as of today, 15-5, and with Williams playing like a super-star, they could reach that 20-7 I talked about three weeks ago.
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Mishqueen said...

One can be just as nerdy (or geeky, if preferred) about sports as about more academic subjects. We tend to disassociate the two because sports are mainstream, but in all actuality, the characteristics can still be there, flying their flag high. :)