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A call from Antonio

In order to really appreciate this recent history, I'll need to relate a couple more stories beforehand. First, one about an old missionary companion. He and I were companions in Santo Tirso, Portugal for the summer of 2001. It was very hot one Sunday afternoon in June, and we decided to stop for a break. We were a little down-trodden because we weren't having much success. Particularly, Elder H was more or less "fed up" with missionary work that day (it happens to every missionary some time during their mission). We decided to take a minute to make a goal and ask the Lord to consecrate our efforts. Indeed, part of this was just to motivate Elder H, and helping him get out of his slump; however, I felt impressed to tell him that the Lord would hear this goal, answer our prayers, and lead us to a family that would be baptized before the end of July. We wrote down the goal, what we had to do to achieve it, and set out again. The following Friday, we were thin

Scripture Study Plus

I can't tell you how excited I am right now about a new SourceForge project that I just found: Scripture Study Plus It is an open source development effort to provide an online scripture study tool where a person can highligh, cross-reference, tag, discuss, and share, all to enhance their personal scripture study! I can't tell you the number of times that I have looked for something like this (or started it myself), and found nothing. Now, this is something! I've already sent my name in to be added to the project so that I can start pounding away at it immediately. Honestly, I'm almost giddy right now with anticipation to get started!

Today, I didn't really like my job...

I find myself in a slender demographic nowadays: I love my job, and I get paid well for it. As a computer programmer, I get to solve challenging problems everyday and they they thank me for doing what I would do with my spare time anyway by paying me for it! However, today was not like that. Each year, Kristi does a 5K in Boise, Idaho with her mom, aunt, grandma, and basically every female member of her family. It's for a good cause. Well, I guess it's for two good causes if you include Kristi's sanity. The run this year falls on this weekend. About three weeks ago, when discussions about the 5K started, she mentioned that she didn't know what she was going to do with Isaac. Since the trip takes the whole weekend, she usually takes Remi. He has a cousin up there that is his age, so it works out nicely. However, Isaac presented a problem. So, I volunteered to take care of him for the weekend. For some reason that I will never understand, she was completely s

Why Can't People Talk About Hurdles?

You know, I've observed something over the past while that baffles/intrigues me regarding human relationships. It's the fact that many people instinctively shy away from conflict, and, moreover, many of those same people avoid anticipated conflict, whether or not that would have been the outcome. Take an example today with a business that I am working with to develop some candles for me. I need them developed right away for a conference at the beginning of November in California. Actually, I needed them for a conference in October, but that isn't going to happen anymore due to my conversation with the gal there today. The situation began back in June when I emailed them to ask if they did custom candle molds. I didn't get a reply. I emailed again, stating that I was interested in a large quantity, etc., etc. to try and get a swifter reply. No reply. I decided that I must not sound serious enough, and so I called them directly. Finally, a person! They said tha

Featured Article #4

As of September 24, 2007, all four of my geek articles on will be or will have been featured articles. Check it out: How to Find a Gift For a Self-Proclaimed Nerd or Geek How to Celebrate Pi Day How to Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs How to Double Your Salary Using an Algebraic Loophole Honestly, I'm very happy. However, I'm not sure how this should affect my view of myself as a writer. Is it simply topical, or do I really have an eye-catching, thought-provoking fist? I think that I need to try something other than math or the gospel. I'm not sure what, though...

Living in the Spirit

There is a set of verses in Galatians that I really like. It is Galatians 5:22-24 . These talk about the fruits of the Spirit, and encourage us to bring forth these fruits by "living in the Spirit". This Sunday, I had the Sunday School lesson (I trade off with another gentleman, Gil Wilburn), and, to my delight, the topic was "Living in the Spirit". This meant that I would have the chance to talk about one of my favorite topics. I'll give the overview, here, and I'll go into more detail later on of what we talked about. First, I dropped a garbage bag in the middle of the room that was full of garbage. I did this before class began. After Brother Lunceford had given the opening prayer, I asked everyone if the room was clean. There are a couple of jokers in the classroom, but everyone understood. When might we decide that it was okay to leave the garbage there? "Oh, it's tied up, isn't it?" It will be fine for a while." "

Gross National Product and The Great Train Robbery

The other night, I had a uniquely vivid dream. I was at a train station with a co-worker of mine, Trent. We were walking beside a black coal train that was stopped on the track. We were musing about how the government calculates the Gross National Product and what it actually means. At a certain point, it occurred to me, as it happens in a dream, that we could find out the answer to our question because attached to the train were two solid gold cylinders. We located the cylinders. Each was about the size of a thick pen, and each had an engraving along the side; one with the initials GNP and the other, GDP. We understood that upon investigation of these tubes (whose initials referred to Gross National Product and Gross Domestic Product), we would better understand the principle of the Gross National Product. We looked at one another wondering whether or not the train needed them. We understood somehow that the solid gold cylinders were not essential to the running of the train,

If they build it

As you know, Remi and Zac have been sick with croup, which means that it took a little longer to get them to bed. They needed to take their medicine at 10:30, so, instead of putting them down at 8:30 and waking them up, we just kept them up. What does one do for two hours with a 3- and 1-year old? Play-doh! Here are some pictures of our endeavors: This is Isaac's neo-classic apple in applesauce: This is Kristi's practical, yet provocative donut: This is Remi's experiment of Realism with Strawberry and Banana: And this is a snake under a woven blanket by yours truly: Here's the whole family's artistic endeavors for the evening: Sadly, they were subsequently mashed into big balls of nothing and we had to put everything away. But the extended beauty of our dinner table lasted for a while...

Bo may know baseball...

But I discovered today that I don't. I played my first game on our Ward softball team, and though the pitches were coming at about the pace of a turtle walking through peanut butter, I still couldn't snag them. I managed to hit one that fouled, so I guess that's a start. Anyway, I'm playing for the camaraderie, not the competition. I'm so bad at softball that, if I tried to play competitively, I'd just get frustrated and would probably make enemies instead of friends.

Sick kids...

Are probably the worst thing on the planet. That is, to have one of your own kids be sick is probably the worst thing on the planet. That is, to have one of your own kids be sick and seeing them so sad and not knowing what to do except give them the medicine that the doctor prescribed and pray that the Lord heals them quickly is probably the worst thing on the planet. Remi and Zac are both sick tonight. Remi was diagnosed by the doctor today with croup due to the inflammation of his larynx, and it appears, at least for now, that Zac is demonstrating the same symptoms. Apparently, croup is very painful, but it usually peaks after the second day, and then drops off. That being the case, today is the second day of Remi showing symptoms. (Crossing fingers...)

An Ode to Football

For the sake of posterity, here is an email that I received from my sister just the other day: I was bored in class last night. So, Brad and I each wrote song lyrics for my new passion: Football. (For reals, his are really good. Mine, below, are just plain hilarious) Also, I had "Hey there, Delilah" in my head as I wrote them. Good morning sunshine, have you got the remote ready I know you and I are busy, but the game's on now Oh, it aint just a game No, It's a way of life. And I know they'll lose if I don't watch I'm actually not that lazy; my day's actually packed. I gotta watch the quarterback get sacked. The next twelve hours are really very busy To see all thse games at once aint that easy Oh, it aint just a game No, It's a way of life. And I know they'll lose if I don't watch You never know when there will be an upset There are reasons for Divisions, after all. Oh, now that's a bull crap call. Hey, come on, get that ball!


Well, I decided that they were right. I rewrote the article with a completely different tone, and I like it quite a bit more than the first. Check it out: How to Double Your Salary and Half Your Weight Using an Algebraic Loophole

We Have Lift-Off

Remi got a new bike for his birthday (August 26th) this year. We just got around to purchasing the helmet today. I was very surprised at his selection. It was a nice blue helmet with a bear on the side. No problem. However, there was a really cool "Bob the Builder" helmet and another cool "Hot Wheels" that we also offered as choices. But, no; the blue bear helmet and Remi were obviously a match made in Heaven. It works out though because the generic helmet was something like 10 bucks cheaper. Phew! We also got around to repairing the training wheel. Remi felt very official in his new helmet and with the socket wrench that we used. He can't quite ride the bike, yet. However, he can't quite use a socket wrench, yet, either, so at least we're consistent.

Fountain of Youth Bed

We've decided that our bed is definitely not for old people. In fact, I believe that we have also ruled out middle-aged people. See, getting onto our bed is a little like getting into a semi-truck cab without he little step to help you out. With the semi-truck driver quietly chuckling at how much trouble you're having. To exhibit the height of the bed, I employed (enslaved?...he wasn't really paid for it...well, except for the food, clothes, and free rent that we give him everyday...) my 3-year-old, Remi, to stand beside the bed. Yes, feel free to guffaw for a moment at the poor photoshop job in the shorts. He just had his underpants on at the time of the picture, and I figure that he looks more appropriate in some shorts. Anyway, you can clearly see that Remi is standing next to the bed, and that, being about 37" tall, his head still doesn't reach the top! In order to get onto the bed without resorting to standing on the window sill or something, I place my h

Form Tag Library

So, I'm feeling pretty nerdy right now because, even though it is 11:30 PM on a Friday night, I am working on company code from my home computer for my salaried job. There really is no other benefit other than the geek factor of working on something right now that I think is pretty cool. See, we have, over the past year, been developing a nice set of tag-libs and other form helpers to make it easier to draw up forms with appropriate validation, formatting, i18n, etc. We are currently using a utility powered by DWR for shared client/server validation, tag-libs for the formatting, and our market and locale-sensitive CMS for i18n. Put them together, and you get a whole lot of functionality for a form while keeping the form looking like what is finally generated on the page (as opposed to having a trillion scriptlets, javascript helpers, etc. scattered around until, from the jsp, you have no idea what the page will look like). Right now, I'm working on some tag libs for higher

Spiritual Things Can't Be Communicated Person-to-Person because God Wants to Tell Us Personally

Boyd K. Packer related a personal experience in his talk " Candle of the Lord ." He described a conversation that he and a fellow flight passenger had about faith. The man insisted that because President Packer couldn't describe his spiritual feelings, then they weren't real. President Packer shrewdly asked the man whether or not he had ever tasted salt... "Such an idea came into my mind and I said to the atheist, 'Let me ask if you know what salt tastes like.' 'Of course I do,' was his reply. 'When did you taste salt last?' 'I just had dinner on the plane.' 'You just think you know what salt tastes like,' I said. He insisted, 'I know what salt tastes like as well as I know anything.' 'If I gave you a cup of salt and a cup of sugar and let you taste them both, could you tell the salt from the sugar?' 'Now you are getting juvenile,' was his reply . 'Of course I could tell the differe

The Atonement Is the Power to Strengthen As Well As the Power to Heal

I had an Institute teacher before my mission , named Brother Frogley, who stated that he felt we emphasized too often in the LDS church the healing power of the Atonement while forgetting the strengthening power that it also offers. Just like it has been said that it is better to have a railing at the top of the cliff than an ambulance ready at the bottom, I believe that it is also important to say that it is better for us to fortify ourselves against temptation than to repent for temptations to which we have succumbed. There are a number of scriptures that talk about the strengthening power of the Atonement. My two favorites are found in Ether 12:27 and D&C 84:33 . The first says that the Lord's grace (read: Atonement) is powerful unto "making the weak things strong unto them." The second says that he that is faithful unto the obtaining of the two Priesthoods is sanctified by the Spirit "even unto the renewing of their bodies." I'm sure th

Proving that Pi Equals 3

...proves to be less of a pain than you might originally think. In fact, it's no problem at all to unravel millennia of careful mathematical postulation with just one simple trick. Can you spot it? Given: a=b (1) pi*a^2 = pi*a*b (multiplying pi*a) (2) 3*a*b = 3*b^2 (multiplying by 3*b) (3) pi*a^2 - 3*a*b = pi*a*b - 3*b^2 (subtracting (2) from (1)) (4) pi*a^2 - pi*a*b = 3*a*b - 3*b^2 (adding 3*a*b and subtracting pi*a*b on both sides) (5) pi*a^2 - pi*a*b + a*b - b^2 = 4*a*b - 4*b^2 (adding a*b and subtracting b^2 on both sides) (6) pi*a*(a-b) + b*(a-b) = 4b*(a-b) (factoring out common terms) (7) pi*a + b = 4*b (removing common terms) (8) pi*a = 3*b (subtracting b) (9) pi*b = 3*b (substituting a for b since a = b) (10) pi = 3 (removing common terms) Therefore pi=3. Spoiler ahead! If you want to figure it ou

Gdata-Backed Applications

So, after a few trial runs, I am seriously considering Gdata as the Data-Access layer for my next project: An appointment booking and review site for my tutor students. I first tried it out on this site. I didn't want to develop a database and an admin for this website, and I didn't want to just settle for blogger, which does labels, but doesn't seem to have the cool categorization functionality that I was really hoping for. None of the weblog alternatives were looking good either. Enter Gdata. I learned of this nifty API that Google provides for query and CRUD operations for all of their applications, including Blogger. After poking around for a bit, I also learned that it is super-duper easy to use (if you are a programmer). As it's already feeling very late tonight, I'll just post the link, and you can see for yourself: GData Blogger API Overview Now, with very little programming, I was able to suck the blogger data onto these pages, quite seemlessly,


The tag that I never thought I'd see on an article that I'd submitted: Nominated for Deletion. To be really articulate: It sucked. I thought it was some of my finest work, and, hours after posting it to, it was nfd 'd with the claim: The inaccuracy reflects jocular intent. Now, at the top of the article is a stark image of a piece of paper with a big red 'X' through it couched beside a paragraph indicating that, due to "Accuracy Issues," discussion would ensue and the article would be reviewed in a week or so. The real irritation, I suppose, is not that the fellow tagged it, but the reason for which he tagged it. Of course there is jocular intent! Perhaps more accurately, the tongue-and-cheek is laid on pretty thick to make a pseudo-point regarding a fundamental principle of mathematics. Anyway, despite the irritated tone of this post, I am open to suggestions that he or others would like to make if it truly is a little over-board.