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Signs of the True Church

When I was on my mission, there was a particular tract available to missionaries called " 17 Points of the True Church ". It has a really interesting story behind it as well. However, I think that there are some much more compelling signs than those listed in those points. 1. The Book of Revelation s If you are a Latter-Day Saint, then say out loud the title of the last book in the New Testament. Unless you have already been asked this question before, you probably said "Revelations". Now, open the New Testament, and you will find that it is called "Revelation" with no "s" on the end. I have never heard a non-Mormon call it "Revelations", but I have heard many (including my Sunday School teacher last Sunday) repeatedly call it the book of "Revelation s ". I even received a book as a gift before my mission (2000-2002) that exhibited this problem. It was supposed to be a scripture quick reference, but everywhere it