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Uppy, Cuppy, Me

At the playground this evening, my daughter Seren announced her arrival at each stair on her way up to the slide with a single word: Uppy. I love hearing my two little girls talk about their world. With my boys, I was always trying to correct their speech, but, with my girls, I find myself encouraging them when they use "cuppy" (or "copa", as the case may be) for "cup," "gacker" and "memi" for their brothers "Isaac" and "Remi," and "uppy" for "up". Remi and Zac have picked up on it, too. One of their favorite games of late is to ask the girls to say random words. While Seren isn't really interested, Lici seems to get that it's a game and plays along. Most of the words that they pose to her are simple "r" words, Remi realizing that toddlers typically can't say the letter "r". My favorite one, though, was from the other night at dinner when Remi asked Lici if