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Grayden Christopher: How do we always end up naming our kids after firearms?

If you have known Kristi and me for more than five minutes, you know that we value the meaning behind a name *a lot*. So, here is the story about why we chose the simple but powerful name Grayden Christopher. First of all, I have a grievance. With Remi, I must say that it didn't occur to me that we were naming Remi after a gun until someone pointed it out a couple weeks after he was born. We all joked about naming our next boy Colt, etc. And, actually, we talked about the middle name "Browning" for a while, but we ultimately decided against it since that would definitely give more of a Second Amendment flair to our family names than we had originally planned. Enter "Grayden". Actually, "gradan". In Gaelic, "gradan" means "gunfire". Sigh. I suppose it was unavoidable. Alright, so what does "Grayden Christopher" really mean to us? Executive Summary I learned this term the other day and think it makes things sound re