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Twas the Night Before Pi Day

Twas the Night Before Pi Day by Joshua Cummings Twas the night before Pi Day, when Archimedes, the muse, Went to pay me a visit whilst I took a snooze. I'd visions of carrot cake, candy, and cheese When dashed open my window and entered a breeze That stirred me to consciousness, albeit in time To see my face plastered in pie of key lime. And once I'd removed the fruit from my eyes And put on my spectacles did I realize That before me presented a most divine spectre Who clearly possessed the Key Lime Projector. "It's a fulcrum, you see!" he began to explain, "All I use is this crank to cause the right strain, "Then releasing its fetter it launches sky high "The juiciest pie of key lime in your eye!" I sat there immobile for what seemed a year, As the spectre protested I his genius revere, When clearly it came, the fine revelation, Of his piety, honor, achievements, and station. With his little old catapult, so lively and quick, I knew in