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Pierced With Deep Wounds

This post is inspired by an article that I read today in the Deseret News about churches losing members, specifically the LDS church of which I am a faithful member. It hit close to home for me, and I wondered if someone out there might benefit from my own story. Way back on New Year's Eve in 1999, I was surfing the Internet to find some information for my calling as Elder's Quorum Secretary . In the middle of my search, I found an article that brought to light some teachings by Brigham Young that future Church leaders rejected. The site claimed that prophets would never teach anything that was false and that this history had been suppressed because of its fatal nature to the LDS faith. To my 18-year-old mind, the arguments were persuasive. Needless to say, it was a moment that I desperately wanted to forget. I ran upstairs into my bedroom and cried and cried. Like the filth of pornography, it stained my mind and wouldn't let me at peace. Was all the happiness an