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Motivation for Dishonesty

I was reading about a recent conference held at UVU called Mormons and the Internet.  While I wasn't able to attend, I found a number of online discussions and "play-by-plays," and I really resonated with a number of things that I heard. One of the interesting points that was brought up was that the Internet is where different groups of Latter-Day Saints are fighting to own (or contribute to) the definition of what it means to be a Latter-Day Saint.  Because the Internet is now the first source that people look to for information on just about anything, it is prime real estate for staking claims of identity, and a great many individuals who feel repressed by the top-down nature of the LDS Church have interpreted such as an opportunity to make their voice heard. I think that this was brought to light by a question that Allen Wyatt asked of John Dehlin during a panel discussion (thanks, Allen, for posting the question and answer online): People often study the same f