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Church Callings - A Bishop's Gift to Give

Several months ago, I was asked by the a member of my ward's bishopric whether or not my wife and I would be available and interested to be a Ma and Pa for this summer's pioneer trek  (a short re-enactment of the 19th Century Mormon Pioneer  journey west from Illinois to Salt Lake City) should we be called to do that.  I told him that we always make ourselves available for anything the church asks us to do and that such a calling would be difficult but very rewarding.  I told him that I believed in the inspired calling of our stake president and trusted that if the Lord inspired him to call us, then the Lord would help my wife and me to make our schedules work out. He pressed gently and indicated that if we would check our availability and assert our interest beforehand, the call would likely be issued.  I told him that I saw the church working in the opposite direction; we will be interested and available should our stake president receive inspiration that it should be us