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Useful Truth

This morning our stake got a new stake president.  In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints , local congregations are presided by a lay minister (not professionally trained, unpaid) called a bishop and several congregations are presided by a lay leader called a stake president.  IMHO, lay leadership is one of the amazing parts of the LDS faith, and it is always cool to be part of a transition that happens in each stake about every 10 years. Our now-released stake president, President Nielsen, was a man that I came to look up to over the years.  He was a staff in a changing landscape that I could always look to for a reference.  Specifically, my appreciation for him grew when I received a personal email from him about a month ago. Back in August 2012, I sent the stake presidency an email with a question: Dear Presidents -   I've been pondering a question for a long time, but haven't come up with a good answer.  Elder Jensen recently said that more people are