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Sharing the Gospel with an Atheist

I recently engaged with a set of atheists in an online discussion that was born out of an article in the Huffington Post about some graphic comments that Phil Robertson made about atheism. Those of the atheist persuasion flocked to the comment boards to denounce Phil Robertson, Christianity, and religion in general. Occasionally, there was a comment from a religious individual; however, most of the comments where somewhere along the lines "If Phil Robertson needs an imaginary friend to keep him from performing atrocities against fellow humans, he can stay far, far away from me!" I saw this line often enough that I lost my ability to keep my mouth shut, and I decided to post the following (long) comment. I offer this because perhaps it will give a voice to other Christians who want to share their convictions online against the opposition of civil, well-meaning atheists: Interesting thread; while I probably don't have much to offer, I'll put in my two cents. I b