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Why Would God Ask Us To Marry?

Recently, I read an article called "Against Marriage" by Clare Chambers, which details the author's view about marriage being an out-dated and discriminatory notion of the state.

I found the idea about relationship contracts to be intriguing and hope that it continues to be explored. The part of me that is much more satisfied with a Trust than a Will or an Incorporation than a Sole-Proprietorship is mildly excited to go and write up a "relationship contract" of my own. (Just call me "White and Nerdy").

And while I take issue a bit with her title (it appears to me that "Against State-Recognized Marriage" is a bit more accurate, if not as clickable), I am in agreement with her about the inequality caused by rigid and legally anemic semantics imposed upon a pluralistic society.

That said, I believe there is a point to be made about marriage itself which transcends Ms. Chambers's arguments about any state's existing or future relationsh…